Jeanne's Kitchen

Our History~

Cooking, to my mother, was an expression of love which she taught to me and my sisters. As a result, I have always enjoyed cooking. I grew up in a Lebanese-American home and Lebanese food was prepared every Sunday for dinner.  Friends always enjoyed eating the Lebanese food we prepared and shared.

My husband is Italian- American and I learned to cook Italian food from his family. Throughout  the years  I cooked Italian and Lebanese food for my family and friends.  People began inquiring if I could prepare some of this ethnic food for a graduation party, wedding reception or party.  So I began catering food from my home. 

In September 2007, I received a telephone call asking me to open a restaurant since space came available. So began a new journey in my life.  Jeanne's Kitchen began September 21, 2007.

~Jeanne Previte, Proprietor