Best Time to Visit Singapore

Holidays depend on the time you choose to travel if you go to Singapore. Peak season in Singapore is in the June-July school holiday season and the Christmas and New Year holidays in December. During this period ticket prices rose significantly, as did hotels and hostels. But do not worry first, there are recommendations when the right time for you who want to vacation in Singapore.

What is the Best Time to Visit Singapore?

And here are the 6 best times to visit Singapore:

  1. April

Tulip Flower Festival is held every April. If you are a tulip fan, Singapore will hold a tulip festival in April with the theme Flower Dome Gardens by The Bay. So you don’t need to go far to visit Keukenhof in the Netherlands to watch the tulip festival.

  1. At the end of the year

Every shopping mall in Singapore is very sophisticated with its decoration during year-end. If you visit Singapore in December, you will be treated to beautiful Christmas ornaments at every shopping mall, also of course along orchard road. Fireworks to close the turn of the year in the Marina Bay area to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Singapore.

  1. August

Come to Singapore at the National Singapore Day Parade in August. Fireworks will be presented at the National Day Parade on the anniversary of the country which falls on August 9 each year.

  1. May to July

For you shopping enthusiast, it’s perfect if you go to Singapore in May to July. At the end of May to July is the time waiting for shopping enthusiasts because the country you are visiting will hold a Singapore Great Sale. All shopping places offer large discounts. So prepare an empty suitcase if you intend to shop at this annual event.

  1. June to July

In July, you can watch a rehearsal for the Singapore Light Festival. If you plan to visit Singapore in June or July, don’t forget to see the National Day Parade’s happy schedule, there will be air show shows from the Singapore Air Force and fireworks shows.

  1. September

You can watch F1 Live at Marina Bay, Street Circuit in September. F1 will be presented on every September, will suck a variety of foreign tourists to come to Singapore, and make hotels around Marina bay become Full Booked, so if you want to watch F1, try to book before making a significant moment.

In conclusion, if you want to go to Singapore, try to determine where you want to go first. Of course, also adjust the budget and friends who can accompany you while in Singapore.

Travel Tips in Singapore

If you are planning to go to Singapore, you need to follow one tip so you can enjoy Singapore more comfortably. Singapore is a tropical country so it will be summer all the time. That means you need to wear proper clothes while you are in Singapore. You don’t need to bring a coat, scarf, or anything long. You can just stroll around wearing jeans and a t-shirt. However, don’t forget to bring a hat and an umbrella. Don’t forget to apply sunblock too!

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