Traveling Tips to Singapore on Budget

If you plan to go to Singapore, here is a cheap holiday guide and saving tips. With the guide below, you don’t need to worry about financial problems before and after leaving. Happy reading!

Before Going to Singapore

To be able to save on your travel costs, you must prepare it from before you reach the destination. Start by preparing travel documents such as passports and visas. Make sure that the expired date in your passport is not less than 6 months before and while you are in Singapore. This will trouble you and managing overseas will be even more difficult. After preparing travel documents, you must prepare a travel ticket. To get cheap tickets, you must be diligent in seeing online ticket sales sites.

Cheap Vacation Guide and Savings Travel Tips to Singapore

You can go to online ticket sites to get the cheapest price to go to Singapore. Usually, you will get a low-cost carrier. After you have prepared documents and tickets, here is a guide for budget travel and a budget holiday when you are in Singapore.

  1.  Transportation

While in Singapore, if you want a cheap price, you must use public transportation such as a bus or MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Almost every tourist spot is equipped with access to public transportation making it easier for you to travel. Never use a taxi because,in Singapore, taxi prices are very expensive. You can buy tickets for tourists, namely STP (Singapore Tourist Pass). You can buy it at Changi Airport in the Terminal 2 basement. The card can not only be used for MRT, but also for bus transportation.

  1. Use Maps

Singapore is a small country whose transportation and access are very convenient to use. When you are in Singapore, you can use the map as a guide. You can take the map at Changi airport or Harbor Front port. If you have time, you can also search for maps online so you can see them through your smartphone. Usually, on the map of Singapore, there are stops and public transportation routes such as buses and MRT.

  1. Tourist Attractions

Savings in holiday does not mean you cannot visit every tourist spot. Allocate your vacation funds at the most for the cost of visiting the place. Here are some tourist attractions in Singapore that you must visit Esplanade, Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Singapore River, Botanical Garden, Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, Singapore Zoo, Bugis Junction, Orchard Road, Chinatown, Universal Studio Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Resort World Sentosa.

  1. Accommodation

Singapore is famous for its expensive city, along with its accommodation. If you want a cheap place to stay, you can stay in a hostel or motel. Hostels have rooms with shared models, which usually in 1 room there are 4 or 3 bunk beds that can contain 6 to 8 people. If you are traveling with family, you can stay at the motel. No need for an exclusive lodging place, the important thing is that you can rest comfortably. Some choices of locations where cheap lodging is in Bugis or Chinatown.

  1. Important Things When in Singapore

To save on holiday costs, you must pay attention to the things below so that things do not happen.

  1. Respect Singapore’s customs and culture
  2. Don’t throw litter if you don’t want to be fined
  3. On public transportation, it is forbidden to eat or drink
  4. Record and memorize emergency telephone numbers.

If you go to Singapore by using our tips, we are pretty sure that you will enjoy Singapore more since you can go to a lot of places but you don’t need to spend too much money. Enjoy Singapore!

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