Traveling to Singapore with Kids

Traveling to Singapore is perfect for families because the country is environmentally friendly, clean & non-polluting, there are also many educational tours that we can explore with children. Indeed, it must have been a little troublesome at first, but after a long time I will get used to it and the easier it is to go on vacation activities with children, traveling with children is challenging

Best Traveling to Singapore with Children

You can still go everywhere although you have kids and go with the best time visit Singapore. Below are our top tips that you can use when you want to go to Singapore with your children.

  1. Carrying a Stroller or Baby Carrier

If you bring a toddler, make sure you bring a stroller. It will be very easy for you when traveling. Children can also sit in the stroller casually without having to be in the arms of Mommy or Daddy all day long. If you are tired and sleepy your child can sleep while we are walking. If the child does not want to sit in the stroller. Stroller changes function to trolley for goods. If you don’t want to carry a heavy stroller, you can also bring a simple and lighter baby carrier. Only more recommended to bring a stroller. Then what about the public bus or bus? No worries, it’s very common to ride a stroller MRT. All stations are also wheelchair friendly. But it should be noted that on the MRT it is better to take the elevator. Because escalators on MRT are faster than general.

  1. Use transportation wisely.

Singapore MRT transportation can carry a stroller, but if YOU take a taxi, it’s not too expensive. Adjust with energy. When you are tired, you are advised to take a taxi. Taxi fares in Singapore are expensive. So you can guess for yourself. If the distance is not too far away, it’s better for you to walk.

  1. Bringing Drinking Water

This is a must! So make sure to bring water. Moreover, the water in Singapore is quite expensive. Especially in supermarkets or convenience store. If it is necessary, you can bring a thermos for hot water. We recommended you not to bring a thermos or water bottle that is too big.

  1. Staying at a decent hotel

If there is a budget, choose a hotel that has a swimming pool, because children usually enjoy swimming. Luckily, if your child is under 9 years of age, they are not charged or free. Also choose hotels with strategic areas, such as close to supermarkets or shops, just in case you buy sudden supplies or other children’s needs. And it is recommended that those who are close to MRT do not get tired of the road. It is not recommended to stay in an apartment or in a hostel. Why? Because the cleanliness is not good.

Other Tips to Travel in Singapore with Kids

There are still more tips that you can follow if you want to bring your kids to Singapore! We hope that these tips are helpful.

  1. Flexible schedule

The schedule should not be too tight and make it flexible. When you are traveling and bring your children, sometimes there can be an uncertain fuss drama. Maybe because of sleepiness, or too tired, so relax a tight schedule so that you don’t bother managing time with your baby.

  1. Kid-friendly tourist spots

Choose tourist attractions that are suitable for children. It’s a good idea to find out more in detail for a walk in Singapore because you bring children. For example, a child is still a baby or is still under 5 years old. Look for more indoor tourist spots such as River Safari Singapore, Sea Aquarium, Kidzania Sentosa Island, and more.

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