Traveling to Singapore with Kids

Traveling to Singapore is perfect for families because the country is environmentally friendly, clean & non-polluting, there are also many educational tours that we can explore with children. Indeed, it must have been a little troublesome at first, but after a long time I will get used to it and the easier it is to go on vacation activities with children, traveling with children is challenging

Best Traveling to Singapore with Children

You can still go everywhere although you have kids and go with the best time visit Singapore. Below are our top tips that you can use when you want to go to Singapore with your children.

  1. Carrying a Stroller or Baby Carrier

If you bring a toddler, make sure you bring a stroller. It will be very easy for you when traveling. Children can also sit in the stroller casually without having to be in the arms of Mommy or Daddy all day long. If you are tired and sleepy your child can sleep while we are walking. If the child does not want to sit in the stroller. Stroller changes function to trolley for goods. If you don’t want to carry a heavy stroller, you can also bring a simple and lighter baby carrier. Only more recommended to bring a stroller. Then what about the public bus or bus? No worries, it’s very common to ride a stroller MRT. All stations are also wheelchair friendly. But it should be noted that on the MRT it is better to take the elevator. Because escalators on MRT are faster than general.

  1. Use transportation wisely.

Singapore MRT transportation can carry a stroller, but if YOU take a taxi, it’s not too expensive. Adjust with energy. When you are tired, you are advised to take a taxi. Taxi fares in Singapore are expensive. So you can guess for yourself. If the distance is not too far away, it’s better for you to walk.

  1. Bringing Drinking Water

This is a must! So make sure to bring water. Moreover, the water in Singapore is quite expensive. Especially in supermarkets or convenience store. If it is necessary, you can bring a thermos for hot water. We recommended you not to bring a thermos or water bottle that is too big.

  1. Staying at a decent hotel

If there is a budget, choose a hotel that has a swimming pool, because children usually enjoy swimming. Luckily, if your child is under 9 years of age, they are not charged or free. Also choose hotels with strategic areas, such as close to supermarkets or shops, just in case you buy sudden supplies or other children’s needs. And it is recommended that those who are close to MRT do not get tired of the road. It is not recommended to stay in an apartment or in a hostel. Why? Because the cleanliness is not good.

Other Tips to Travel in Singapore with Kids

There are still more tips that you can follow if you want to bring your kids to Singapore! We hope that these tips are helpful.

  1. Flexible schedule

The schedule should not be too tight and make it flexible. When you are traveling and bring your children, sometimes there can be an uncertain fuss drama. Maybe because of sleepiness, or too tired, so relax a tight schedule so that you don’t bother managing time with your baby.

  1. Kid-friendly tourist spots

Choose tourist attractions that are suitable for children. It’s a good idea to find out more in detail for a walk in Singapore because you bring children. For example, a child is still a baby or is still under 5 years old. Look for more indoor tourist spots such as River Safari Singapore, Sea Aquarium, Kidzania Sentosa Island, and more.

Traveling Tips to Singapore on Budget

If you plan to go to Singapore, here is a cheap holiday guide and saving tips. With the guide below, you don’t need to worry about financial problems before and after leaving. Happy reading!

Before Going to Singapore

To be able to save on your travel costs, you must prepare it from before you reach the destination. Start by preparing travel documents such as passports and visas. Make sure that the expired date in your passport is not less than 6 months before and while you are in Singapore. This will trouble you and managing overseas will be even more difficult. After preparing travel documents, you must prepare a travel ticket. To get cheap tickets, you must be diligent in seeing online ticket sales sites.

Cheap Vacation Guide and Savings Travel Tips to Singapore

You can go to online ticket sites to get the cheapest price to go to Singapore. Usually, you will get a low-cost carrier. After you have prepared documents and tickets, here is a guide for budget travel and a budget holiday when you are in Singapore.

  1.  Transportation

While in Singapore, if you want a cheap price, you must use public transportation such as a bus or MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Almost every tourist spot is equipped with access to public transportation making it easier for you to travel. Never use a taxi because,in Singapore, taxi prices are very expensive. You can buy tickets for tourists, namely STP (Singapore Tourist Pass). You can buy it at Changi Airport in the Terminal 2 basement. The card can not only be used for MRT, but also for bus transportation.

  1. Use Maps

Singapore is a small country whose transportation and access are very convenient to use. When you are in Singapore, you can use the map as a guide. You can take the map at Changi airport or Harbor Front port. If you have time, you can also search for maps online so you can see them through your smartphone. Usually, on the map of Singapore, there are stops and public transportation routes such as buses and MRT.

  1. Tourist Attractions

Savings in holiday does not mean you cannot visit every tourist spot. Allocate your vacation funds at the most for the cost of visiting the place. Here are some tourist attractions in Singapore that you must visit Esplanade, Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Singapore River, Botanical Garden, Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, Singapore Zoo, Bugis Junction, Orchard Road, Chinatown, Universal Studio Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Resort World Sentosa.

  1. Accommodation

Singapore is famous for its expensive city, along with its accommodation. If you want a cheap place to stay, you can stay in a hostel or motel. Hostels have rooms with shared models, which usually in 1 room there are 4 or 3 bunk beds that can contain 6 to 8 people. If you are traveling with family, you can stay at the motel. No need for an exclusive lodging place, the important thing is that you can rest comfortably. Some choices of locations where cheap lodging is in Bugis or Chinatown.

  1. Important Things When in Singapore

To save on holiday costs, you must pay attention to the things below so that things do not happen.

  1. Respect Singapore’s customs and culture
  2. Don’t throw litter if you don’t want to be fined
  3. On public transportation, it is forbidden to eat or drink
  4. Record and memorize emergency telephone numbers.

If you go to Singapore by using our tips, we are pretty sure that you will enjoy Singapore more since you can go to a lot of places but you don’t need to spend too much money. Enjoy Singapore!

Best Culinary Trip Destinations in Singapore


If you watch Crazy Rich Asians, there is a scene where Nick, Rachel, Colin, and Araminta eat street food in Singapore. This country is indeed one of the best places for the culinary trip. The foods captured in the movie are so mouth-watering. And for you who have been visited Singapore would super agree that this country has the best foods in the world!

Singapore for Best Culinary Trip

Besides its interesting tourist spots, Singapore also offers a culinary trip that you should not miss. What’s more, because Singaporeans consist of various ethnic groups, here you can find a variety of restaurants that provide typical food from various regions, ranging from Malay, Chinese, Middle Eastern, to Western. Well, if you visit Singapore, here are some culinary attractions that you can visit!

Culinary Destinations that You Have to Go When Visiting Singapore

Below are some of the best culinary destinations that you need to go whenever you come to Singapore. The foods will bring you to paradise!

  1. Makansutra Gluttons Bay

This one culinary tourist spot is very well worth visiting during the afternoon. While eating delicious food, you will be treated to a beautiful afternoon atmosphere complete with views of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer in the distance. Operating from 5pm to 1pm, this place presents a variety of food outlets that you can visit, ranging from Thai Yummy Food, Alhambra Padang Satay, Redhill Rong Guang BBQ Seafood, Old Satay Club, Mee Goreng, and many more. To get there, you can take the MRT and get off at City Hall MRT Station on the North South Line and East West Line. After that, you just walk to the Esplanade Theater and follow the visitors to exit Raffles Avenue. Well, Makansutra Gluttons Bay is next to the Esplanade Theater.

  1. La Pa Sat Festival Market

This culinary tourist spot in Singapore was originally a market called Ayer Egg Market. However, after being renovated in 2014, the Ayer Egg Market changed its function to become a Singaporean culinary center named La Pa Sat Festival Market. As one of the famous culinary attractions with its halal menus, La Pa Sat Festival Market is very serious in serving halal food for Muslim travelers. In fact, the place to wash dishes is also separated between used dishes that are halal and non-halal. Interestingly, this place is also open 24 hours. To get there, you can take the MRT and get off at Raffles Place Station. From there, you can walk for about five minutes until you arrive at the La Pa Sat Festival Market.

  1. Singapore Gourmet Bus

The last culinary destination that you can visit is the Singapore Gourmet Bus. If you want to try a unique dining sensation while visiting Singapore, this is the Singapore Gourmet Bus. Here, you can enjoy a meal on a bus that runs around the city. Besides being unique, the style of serving this restaurant is very elegant. You will be spoiled by the atmosphere of a fine dining style complete with gourmet food and waiters who are ready to serve you like in star hotels.

Sentosa Island, Singapore: An Island Full of Fun

Sentosa Island in Singapore is best known for its Resort World Sentosa as well as Universal Studios.  What’s on Sentosa Island? There are a lot of activities that you can do on Sentosa Island, even if you want to do it all will not be enough for one day. So it’s best to be picky according to your interests and time. If calculated in total (with those at Resorts World Sentosa), currently there are around 31 tourist attractions. Some are paid, some are free.

How to Go to Sentosa Island

If you look at the map, it will be shocked first because the Sentosa Island area is really big. You can be more shock if you walk around the island. Fortunately, they have a free shuttle bus that travels around the visitors from one point to another. Anyway, just look for bus stops at certain points and see where the route is. The point is there are 3 different bus routes (green, red, orange) and 1 Beach Tram which are along the coastline. Besides Sentosa Bus and Beach Tram, you can also take Sentosa Express. This monorail is free if only in Sentosa area. There is an exciting way to explore Sentosa Island by riding the cable car. This path is new, different from the path from Mount Faber, Harbourfront, and it ends in Sentosa.

Things to Do in Sentosa Island

Below are some of the best activities that you can do while you are on Sentosa Island. For the record, these activities below are all free!

  1. Merlion

A lion-headed statue located on Sentosa Island. Visitors can enter the statue and take pictures in the mouth and above the head of the statue. In it, you will also be presented with a story about Singapore. This place is a must thing to do while you are on Sentosa Island. The location is at Merlion Plaza, near Imbiah Station

  1. Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea brings a mesmerizing performance with the effects of fireworks, fountains, lasers, special computer imagery, captivating music and amazing bursts of fire. Don’t miss this seaside show at 7:40 p.m. and 8:40 p.m. every day.

  1. Volcano Land

Visitors will be taken to the center of the erupting volcano, and follow the insightful story inside. Suitable for your children too.

  1. Images of Singapore

A museum containing human sculptures made of wax that tells the history, culture, development and more about Singapore. In this museum, you will probably find it difficult to distinguish real humans from statues because they are very similar to real humans.

  1. Fort Siloso

This museum gives you insight into the British colonies in Singapore during World War Two.

  1. Visiting the 3 artificial beaches

The 3 artificial beaches that you can find while you are on Sentosa Island are Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Tanjong Beach. The great thing about those artificial beaches is that the place is still great and you can enjoy the white-sand beach. Although the water is not crystal clear, still it will make you appreciate the effort from the developer in making the artificial beach. You can also enjoy water activities such as banana boat, swimming, kayaking, and more.

  1. Go to forest

There is also a forest on Sentosa Island. It is like a park but it is bigger. You can enjoy the nature there and you can find many types of bird in the forest too.

More Activities to Do in Sentosa Island

Below are some activities that you can do on Sentosa Island. However, you need to buy the ticker if you want to go to those places. The places are the Trick Eye Museum, Tiger Sky Tower, Madame Tussauds, and S.E.A Aquarium.

Things to Do in Changi Airport

What is the best airport in the world? Skytrax has crowned Changi Airport, again, as the best airport in the world for six years in a row! This airport is located in Singapore. Changi Airport is competing with more than 500 airports worldwide and still manage to get this title. It means that Changi Airport is truly the best airport in this world. Indeed, it is very true that Changi Airport is the best one in this category. The place is not just about plane and flight. So, if you are in Changi Airport waiting for your flight, what to do at Changi Airport?

What’s So Special about Changi Airport?

Maybe you are wondering why this airport is the best one for 6 years in a row. The fact is that Changi Airport has fulfilled various aspects needed by passengers with a very complete service. Start services for flight, security, and additional services, such as shopping and entertainment. Changi also provides passengers with a more comfortable and efficient travel experience.

You Can Do These Things in Changi Airport

Changi Airport is especially famous, especially for tourists who want to take long transit. Many things can be done there. The following facilities are available at the airport so that tourists do not get bored waiting for flying time.

  1. Watch a movie

You can get this information from Crazy Rich Asian when Rachel and Nick just landed in Singapore and she said:“I can’t believe there are a cinema and butterfly park at this airport.” In order not to get bored waiting for flight time, cinema entertainment facilities are provided specifically in Terminals 2 and 3. The film screening takes place for 24 hours. Visitors are not charged for watching movies at the airport cinema. You can watch the movie for free!

  1. Butterfly Park

What to do in Changi Airport? Visiting butterfly park! This airport also has a butterfly park. The park is also filled with original flowers. There are 40 species of butterflies in the place which consist of cocoons, caterpillars, to adult butterflies in that place. It is also estimated that there are thousands of butterflies flying in the region. Every week, Changi Airport buy 500 butterfly cocoons from a butterfly farm in Penang Malaysia.

  1. Take a photo in the thematic park

In all Changi Airport terminals, there are thematic concept parks. At T1, for example, there is the Piazza Park. Visitors can relax in the park located in the departure area of ​​the level 2 transit lounge. The plants in Piazza are designed according to the cultural festival that is taking place in Singapore. There is also a cactus garden on rooftop T1 level 3. Here there are 100 types of cactus commonly found in the barren plains of Africa and America. Moving to T2, visitors can find an orchid garden. There are more than 700 orchids from 30 species. Visitors can take pictures in the park area.

  1. Send a letter at the post office

What to do in Changi Airport? Sending a letter. Like a small town, Changi Airport has the service of sending goods through the post office. Post offices and post boxes are available in the area of ​​departure check-in halls and transit lounges.

  1. Swim in a swimming pool and a jacuzzi

For visitors who take long transit times, Changi Airport provides a swimming pool complete with a jacuzzi. The pool is located in Terminal 1. Guests from the transit hotel can enjoy the facilities for free. However, for other passengers, the fare is 17 Singapore dollars.

  1. Shopping

Retail business is an important part of Changi Airport. This business contributes to almost half of the Changi Airport Group’s total revenue (Changi Airport Group). So, what to do in Changi Airport? Of course, shopping! With 400 retail outlets and 140 food and beverage outlets, Changi Airport passengers are spoiled for choice.

  1. Watch the Petacloud installation

The petacloud kinetic installation is hung at the center of Terminal 4. This installation crosses the check-in, transit and arrival areas. Petacloud installation moves to the rhythm of music and lighting.

  1. Join Singapore tour

The last thing you can do in Changi Airport is joining Singapore tour. If you have a transit time of 5-6 hours or more, try taking a free tour to visit a number of tourist sites in Singapore.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Holidays depend on the time you choose to travel if you go to Singapore. Peak season in Singapore is in the June-July school holiday season and the Christmas and New Year holidays in December. During this period ticket prices rose significantly, as did hotels and hostels. But do not worry first, there are recommendations when the right time for you who want to vacation in Singapore.

What is the Best Time to Visit Singapore?

And here are the 6 best times to visit Singapore:

  1. April

Tulip Flower Festival is held every April. If you are a tulip fan, Singapore will hold a tulip festival in April with the theme Flower Dome Gardens by The Bay. So you don’t need to go far to visit Keukenhof in the Netherlands to watch the tulip festival.

  1. At the end of the year

Every shopping mall in Singapore is very sophisticated with its decoration during year-end. If you visit Singapore in December, you will be treated to beautiful Christmas ornaments at every shopping mall, also of course along orchard road. Fireworks to close the turn of the year in the Marina Bay area to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Singapore.

  1. August

Come to Singapore at the National Singapore Day Parade in August. Fireworks will be presented at the National Day Parade on the anniversary of the country which falls on August 9 each year.

  1. May to July

For you shopping enthusiast, it’s perfect if you go to Singapore in May to July. At the end of May to July is the time waiting for shopping enthusiasts because the country you are visiting will hold a Singapore Great Sale. All shopping places offer large discounts. So prepare an empty suitcase if you intend to shop at this annual event.

  1. June to July

In July, you can watch a rehearsal for the Singapore Light Festival. If you plan to visit Singapore in June or July, don’t forget to see the National Day Parade’s happy schedule, there will be air show shows from the Singapore Air Force and fireworks shows.

  1. September

You can watch F1 Live at Marina Bay, Street Circuit in September. F1 will be presented on every September, will suck a variety of foreign tourists to come to Singapore, and make hotels around Marina bay become Full Booked, so if you want to watch F1, try to book before making a significant moment.

In conclusion, if you want to go to Singapore, try to determine where you want to go first. Of course, also adjust the budget and friends who can accompany you while in Singapore.

Travel Tips in Singapore

If you are planning to go to Singapore, you need to follow one tip so you can enjoy Singapore more comfortably. Singapore is a tropical country so it will be summer all the time. That means you need to wear proper clothes while you are in Singapore. You don’t need to bring a coat, scarf, or anything long. You can just stroll around wearing jeans and a t-shirt. However, don’t forget to bring a hat and an umbrella. Don’t forget to apply sunblock too!

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